Mammals of Thailand – Gallery

The following pics are a collection of my mammal encounters throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. While birds are my main focus, encountering mammals – especially large mammals – in the wild is a thrill because of both their relatively small numbers and their elusive habits.

Treeshrews – family Tupaiidae

Fruit Bats – family Pteropodidae


Microbats – suborder Microchiroptera

Macaques and Langurs – family Cercopithecidae

Gibbons – family Hylobatidae

Dogs – family Canidae

Weasels & Relatives – family Mustelidae

Civets & Binturong – Family Viverridae

Mongooses – family Herpestidae

Dolphins & Porpoises – family Delphinidae

Whales – family Balaenopteridae

Elephants – family Elephantidae

Pigs – family Suidae

Wild Boar – Sus scrofa (Huai Kha Khaeng WS, Uthai – 12/9/20)

Mousedeer – family Tragulidae

Deer – family Cervidae

Bovids – family Bovidae

 Squirrels – family Sciuridae

Rats – family Muridae


Porcupines – family Hystricidae

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