Birds of Thailand – Galleries

These galleries contain my own images of birds taken in Thailand. While photography isn’t my main aim when I go out birding, I have tried to continually improve my ‘best pic’ of each species; that said, a few of the pics in this gallery are definitively only ‘record shots‘ – a reminder to better next time! Since 2015 I’ve used a couple of different bridge cameras, including a Nikon P1000, but in December 2021 I finally bit the bullet and dove into the world of real cameras when I bought a Canon EOS 5D and a 100-400m lens.

When taking into account resident species, regular migrants, and vagrants, Thailand’s bird list sits a little over 1000 species – although some of these species are known from single specimens and sightings, or have long since been extirpated – or worse.  As of March 2022, my personal Thai list sits at just over 730 species seen, with the following gallery displaying close to 650 of these species.

The following galleries are generally lumped into like species (with some exceptions) – click on the text links to visit that gallery.

Egrets, Herons, and Bitterns Javan Pond-heron

Storks, Ibises, Cranes and Pelicans Stork, Painted

Cormorants and Darters Cormorant, Little

Ducks and GrebesDSCN4647

Gulls, Terns and Jaegers Gull, Brown-headed

Sandpipers and Stints DSCN2162

Plovers, Lapwings and Thick-knees DSCN2540

Larger Waders, Snipes, and PratincolesGodwit, Black-tailed (2)

Crakes, Rails, and alliesCrake, Slaty-legged

RaptorsDSCN0317 - Copy

Owls, Nightjars and Frogmouths DSCN7184

Pheasants and FowlDSCN2985

Quails and PartridgesDSCN6813

Corvids – Crows, Magpies and alliesDSCN7810

Hornbills DSCN6035

Trogons Trogon, Red-headed

Eurasian HoopoeHoopoe

Woodpeckers and allies DSCN8228

Barbets Barbet, Red-throated (F)

Pittas DSCN7061

Broadbills DSCN7642

Pigeons and Doves DSCN4231

Parrots DSCN3553

Kingfishers DSCN6890

Cuckoos and allies Cuckoo, Plaintive

Bee-eaters and Rollers Bee-eater, Chestnut-headed

Swallows and SwiftsDSCN6103

Drongos DSCF9306

Leafbirds and Asian Fairy Bluebird dscn3549


Shrikes DSCN3076

Minivets Minivet

Cuckooshrikes and Triller Cuckooshrike, Black-winged

Philentomas, Woodshrikes and Flycatcher-shrikes DSCN9853

Babblers Babbler, Puff-throated - KSRY NP

Parrotbills, Fulvettas and Yuhinas DSCN9681

Shrike-babblers, Erpornis and WhistlerDSCN0101

Minlas, Sibias, Barwing and MesiaDSCN8164

Laughingthrushes and Liocichla DSCN8121

Thrushes, Rock-thrushes and Whistling-thrush DSCN5688

Robins and ForktailsDSCN7016

Chats and Redstarts  DSCN6440

Flycatchers DSCN3350

Fantails, Monarchs and Paradise-flycatchersDSCN2999

Starlings and Mynas DSCN7610

Orioles DSCN5729

Wagtails, Pipits and Larks DSCN8902

Sunbirds, Spiderhunters, and Flowerpeckers DSCN3971

Prinias, Cisticolas and TailorbirdsDSCN3122

White-eyes and GerygoneWhite-eye, Oriental

Leaf Warblers, Bush-warblers and TesiasWarbler, Yellow-browed

Reed Warblers, Grasshopper-warblers and GrassbirdDSCN9849

Ioras DSCN7275

Sparrows, Weavers and Munias Sparrow, Tree

Buntings and True FinchesDSCN7330

Tits Tit, Yellow-cheeked

Nuthatches, Treecreeper and CutiaDSCN9523

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