Prinias, Cisticolas and Tailorbirds

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Brown Prinia – Prinia polychroa

Rufescent Prinia – Prinia rufescens

Grey-breasted Prinia – Prinia hodgsonii

Yellow-bellied Prinia – Prinia flaviventris

Plain Prinia – Prinia inornata

Zitting Cisticola – Cisticola juncidis

Golden-headed Cisticola – Cisticola exilis

Common Tailorbird – Orthotomus sutoris

Rufous-tailed Tailorbird – Orthotomus sericeus

Dark-necked Tailorbird – Orthotomus atrogularis

Ashy Tailorbird – Orthotomus ruficeps

Mountain Tailorbird – Phyllergates cucullatus

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