Pigeons and Doves

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Ashy Wood-pigeon – Columba pulchricollis

Speckled Wood-pigeon – Columba hodgsonii

Speckled Wood-pigeon (Doi Inthanon NP, Chiang Mai - 20/12/12)
Speckled Wood-pigeon (Doi Inthanon NP, Chiang Mai – 20/12/12)

Pale-capped Pigeon – Columba punicea

Oriental Turtle-dove Streptopelia orientalis

Red Collared-dove – Streptopelia tranquebarica

Spotted Dove – Streptopelia chinensis

Little Cuckoo-dove Macropygia ruficeps

Dove, Little Cuckoo-
Little Cuckoo-dove (Kaeng Krachan NP, Phetchaburi – 17/2/18)

Zebra Dove – Geopelia striata

Grey-capped Emerald Dove – Chalcophaps indica

Pink-necked Green-Pigeon – Treron vernans

Thick-billed Green-Pigeon – Treron curvirostra

Yellow-footed Green-Pigeon – Treron phoenicoptera

Yellow-vented Green-Pigeon – Treron seimundi

Wedge-tailed Green-Pigeon – Treron sphenurus

White-bellied Green-Pigeon – Treron sieboldii

Little Green-PigeonTreron olax

Mountain Imperial-Pigeon – Ducula badia

Green Imperial-Pigeon – Ducula aenea

Pied Imperial-Pigeon – Ducula bicolor

Pied Imperial-Pigeon (Koh Phangan, Suratthani – 21/7/19)

Rock Dove/Feral Pigeon – Columba livia

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