Order Diptera – Flies, Mosquitoes & Midges

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Mosquitos – family Culicidae

Large Crane Flies – family Tipulidae

Horse and Deer Flies – Family Tabanidae

Soldier Flies – family Stratiomyidae

Bee Flies – family Bombyliidae

Robber Flies – family Asilidae

Long-legged Flies – family Dolichopodidae

Family Nothybidae

Hoverflies – family Syrphidae

Cactus flies – family Neriidae

Flesh Flies – family Sarcophagidae

Blow Flies – family Calliphoridae

House Flies – family Muscidae

Bristle Flies – family Tachinidae

Stalk-eyed Flies – family Diopsidae

Fruit, Signal, and Picture-winged Flies – superfamily Tephritoidea

Lauxaniid Flies – family Lauxaniidae

Nose Flies – family Rhiniidae

Predatory Fungus Gnats – family Keroplatidae

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