Moths of Thailand

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Fairy moths – family Adelidae

Long-horned Moths – family Lecithoceridae

Tortricid Leafroller Moths – family Tortricidae

Bagworm Moths – family Psychidae

Fungus moths – family Tineidae

Twirler Moths – family Gelechiidae

Family Stathmopodidae

Metalmark Moths – family Choreutidae

Clear-wing moths – family Sesiidae

Slug moths – family Limacodidae

Smoky moths – family Zygaenidae

Old-World Butterfly-Moths – family Callidulidae

Window-winged moths – family Thyrididae

Grass moths – family Crambidae

Hooktip moths – family Drepanidae

Lappet moths – family Lasiocampidae

Giant Lappet Moths – family Eupterotidae

Silkworm moths – family Bombycidae

Teak Moths – family Hyblaeidae

Emperor moths – family Saturniidae

Sphinx (Hawk) moths – family Sphingidae

Swallowtail moths – family Uraniidae

Geometer moths – family Geometridae

Prominent moths – family Notodontidae

Family Erebidae

Tussock Moths – Sub-family Lymantriinae

Nolid moths – Family Nolidae

Owlet moths – Family Noctuidae

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