Hemiptera of Thailand

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Spittlebugs – family Cercopidae

Froghoppers – family Aphrophoridae

Cicadas – family Cicadidae

Leafhoppers – family Cicadellidae

Treehoppers – family Membracidae

Planthoppers – family Cixiidae

Planthoppers – family Derbidae

Planthoppers – family Dictyopharidae

Squathoppers – family Eurybrachidae

Planthoppers – family Flatidae

Lanternflies- family Fulgoridae

Planthoppers – family Achilidae

Planthoppers – family Issidae

Planthoppers – Family Lophopidae

Planthoppers – family Nogodinidae

Planthoppers – family Ricaniidae

Planthoppers – family Tropiduchidae

Plant Bugs – family Miridae

Assassin Bugs – family Reduviidae

Shield Bug – family Plataspidae

Stink Bugs – family Pentatomidae

Giant Shield Bugs – family Tessaratomidae

Shield Bugs – family Dinidoridae

Jewel Bugs – family Scutelleridae

Leaf-footed Bugs – family Coreidae

Broad-headed Bugs – family Alydidae

Stainers – family Pyrrhocoridae

Bordered Plant Bugs – family Largidae

Seed Bugs – family Lygaeidae

Scentless Plant Bugs – family Rhopalidae

Water Striders – family Gerridae

Giant Scale Bugs – family Monophlebidae

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