Coleoptera of Thailand

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Ladybirds – family Coccinellidae

Fireflies – family Lampyridae

Ground Beetles – family Carabidae

Tiger Beetles – subfamily Cicindelinae

Stag Beetles – family Lucanidae

Scarab Beetles – family Scarabaeidae

Cedar Beetles – family Callirhipidae

Rove Beetles – family Staphylinidae

Jewel Beetles – family Buprestidae

Blister Beetles – family Meloidae

Click Beetles – family Elateridae

Handsome Fungus Beetles – family Endomychidae

Pleasing Fungus Beetles – family Erotylidae

Longhorn Beetles – family Cerambycidae

True Weevils – family Curculionidae

Fungus Weevils –  family Anthribidae

Leaf-rolling Weevils – family Attelabidae

Darkling Beetles – family Tenebrionidae

Tumbling Flower Beetles – family Mordellidae

Net-winged Beetles – family Lycidae

Soldier Beetles – family Cantharidae

Leaf Beetles – family Chrysomelidae

Tortoise and Hispine Beetles – subfamily Cassidinae (Chrysomelidae)
Subfamily Chrysomelinae (Chrysomelidae)
Shining Leaf Beetles – subfamily Criocerinae (Chrysomelidae)
Case-bearing Leaf Beetles – subfamily Cryptocephalinae (Chrysomelidae)
Subfamily Eumolpinae (Chrysomelidae)
Skeletonizing Leaf and Flea Beetles – subfamily Galerucinae (Chrysomelidae)
Subfamily Sagrinae (Chrysomelidae)

Checkered Beetles – family Cleridae

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