Class Arachnida – Arachnids of Thailand

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Order Aranae – Spiders

Two-tailed Spiders – family Hersiliidae

Tarantulas – family Theraphosidae

Orb-weavers – family Araneidae

Long-jawed Orb-weavers – family Tetragnathidae

Nursery-web Spiders – family Pisauridae

Meshweavers – family Dictynidae

Ant-mimic Spiders – family Corinnidae

Lynx Spiders – family Oxyopidae

Wolf Spiders – Family Lycosidae

Huntsman Spiders – family Sparassidae

Trachelid Spiders – family Trachelidae

Crab Spiders – family Thomisidae

Jumping Spiders – family Salticidae

Order Opiliones – Harvestmen

Family Sclerosomatidae

Order Scorpinones  Scorpions

Order Thelyphonida – Whip Scorpions

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