Butterflies of Thailand

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Swallowtails – family Papilionidae

Whites & Sulphurs – family Pieridae

Brush-footed – family Nymphalidae

Emperors – subfamily Aparturinae

Tropical Brushfoots – subfamily Biblidinae

Leafwing Butterflies – subfamily Charaxinae

Daggerwing & Map Butterflies – subfamily Cyrestinae

Tigers & Crows – subfamily Danainae

Fritillaries & Longwings – subfamily Heliconiinae

Admirals & Allies – subfamily Limenitidinae

Checkerspots, Anglewings, Peacocks & Allies – subfamily Nymphalinae

Satyrs – subfamily Satyrinae

Judies – family Riodinidae

Gossamer-winged – family Lycaenidae

Skippers – family Hesperiidae

Multiple Species

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