About Me & This Blog

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, I’ve been living and teaching in Thailand since early 2010. As a boy, I would often go on birding expeditions with my grandfather, a published ornithologist and lecturer, to find Powerful Owls or riflebirds in Brisbane, or drag my parents out early on weekends in search of Blue-billed Ducks in Perth.

However, it wasn’t until around 2015 that my passion for nature, and birds in particular, was rekindled when friends invited me to join them on a bird-watching trip to a park on the outskirts of Bangkok. Since then, birding has become my passion, and I attempt to get into the field as much as possible, whether that be parks and sites around Bangkok, or national parks further afield.

I don’t profess to be an expert on birds or nature – I simply enjoy getting out and both seeing new birds (lifers!), or recording the abundance of more common species. With this in mind, this blog is simply a collection of my birding adventures and photos throughout the Kingdom and beyond

Enjoy your stay!

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